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In line with supplying you with low cost term life insurance, you now have the best interest rates updated daily for GICs and RRIFs from all the leading banks and trust companies. Also "no load" segregated funds and fully guaranteed hedge funds. Of course we have not forgotten the all time favourite, the life annuity, for which you again will have a full choice of companies.

Life Annuities

You will be offered a quotation from ALL the companies along with all the advice you need to make a decision.


You will have access to the interest rates of the banks and trust companies to make the best selection that meets your income needs. You will also be able to use "no load" segregated funds.



Segregated Funds

The greatest complaint we hear from clients is that they do not want to be "locked-in" into a fund or fund families for 5 to 7 years. We have answered that complaint by bringing in no load funds. And because there is 'no load' the funds are not locked in; you can move them at any time without penalty.

Hedge Funds

The primary aim of most hedge funds is to reduce volatility and risk, while attempting to preserve capital and deliver positive returns under all market conditions. But the problem here is the same as segregated and mutual funds; if you do not pay upfront acquisition fees, you are locked in for a period of 5 to 7 years.

For this reason we presently only offer hedge funds that guarantee the return of 100% of your capital after a certain period, normally 5 years.


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