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An annuity is an investment with a financial institution that is rather like a mortgage, but in reverse order. Annuities can be paid out to the investor at any time requested by the investor. Many different financial institutions offer different rates and plans, so it is important to shop the market carefully for life annuities.


· Registered annuities

· Non-registered annuities

Registered annuities are purchased with “registered savings funds.” Registered savings funds include any funds accumulated in RRIFs, LIRAs, RRSPs, locked-in RRSPs, RPPs, DPSPs, or LIFs. Registered annuities can be guaranteed up until the age of 90.

Non-registered annuities are bought with funds from “non-registered” savings. This can include any capital taken from the sale of assets, for example. Non-registered annuities can be guaranteed up until age 90 but cannot extend beyond age 90. Non-registered annuities are also only partly taxable, as the payments include a partial return of capital.


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Things You Should Know About Buying A Life Annuity

Getting the Best Assured Income

When making a decision about life annuities, it is important to have as much information as possible. This allows for good decision-making. By being able to compare rates and information about various annuities, the best rates can be assured.

People interested in annuities often make the mistake of asking different brokers for the same quote on different days with different criteria. This results in receiving diverse figures from different companies, which leads to confusion.

There is also no assurance that the information received has been obtained with integrity.

As an alternative to the confusion, we offer a look at all of the companies on the same day. This allows for comparison of figures and information. Call toll-free Ivon T. Hughes at 1-877-842-3863 for more information.

With quick and easy email quotations with complete and accurate information, we are able to offer the consumer the opportunity to review and examine up-to-the-minute information and make accurate comparisons based on real data.

With all of the data on hand, potential life annuity buyers will be able to consider the answers to some very important questions.

Decisions can be made regarding plans that:

· May favour one partner over the other
· Have shorter guarantees
· Have longer contracts
· Break capital into single or joint annuities or RRIFs

By having this information and being able to answer these questions, makes the best decision becomes easier.

We take the guesswork out of obtaining information regarding life annuities and put the real decision-making in the hands of those who know best: the consumer.

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