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You don't want to leave your family unprepared for what will happen to them financially if you do not get sufficient life insurance coverage. So planning today can provide the income your family will need if you are no longer here. Following are some reasons to consider life insurance from a company that will be there for your family. Every person and every family have their own reasons for life insurance, but the need for protection is at the base of all the needs.
Life Insurance To Replace Lost Income
People buy life insurance to replace income lost if something happens to them. It provides the capital which provides the income. Providing money for your family through life insurance is the most cost effective way even if you have substantial capital. You are buying protection for your family for pennies on the dollar.
Life Insurance Can Pay Off Debt
Debts can be difficult to pay , especially without a regular income. Life insurance capital can be used to provide income to pay off debts at the death of a loved one. If you die, the last thing you want is for your relatives to be hounded by debt collectors.
Life Insurance Pays Final Expenses
Final expenses can be large especially if there has been a long illness, along with legal, medical and funeral costs to pay. There is no real way to assess how much money will be needed but you should always plan on the maximum instead of the minimum.
Life Insurance Helps Pay For Education
Educating children is expensive and needs to be well thought out. Many people contribute funds each year but if something unexpectedly happens there may not be enough time to build up a bank for education. Life insurance helps create a cash fund that you can count on.
Finally remember that no widow or widower has ever been left too much capital through life insurance!
And Finally Life Insurance Can Provide A Pension
If you have a joint to die life insurance policy, the proceeds from such a policy or a single life policy could provide an income as a pension.
Suppose you had a joint first to die policy with your spouse. Your children grow up and leave and you are left wondering what to do with this large life insurance policy you bought to protect them. As neither of you died and the need for it has passed, you now have to make a decision.
But while thinking about this, your spouse dies and so you inherit the lump sum. It now provides you with an extra income from capital which can now be passed down the line at your death.
Considered wisely, there are not too many products as versatile as life insurance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining this. Life Insurance is a lot like health insurance in my mind, in that people don't get it because they can get by without it. But, when one needs it, it's of course too late to go out and get it. Oh well. I appreciate life insurance, though, because it's still actually insurance against an unexpected event rather than prepayment for an expected expense, like health insurance policies that pay for regular checkups.

May 07, 2007 2:25 PM  

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