Thursday, October 02, 2008

Life Insurance and the Deadliest Months in Canada

This interesting article discusses the statistics for deaths in Canada and shows the deadliest months. It tells that more Canadians die in the winter months than in the summer months. In fact, 9.8 percent of deaths are in January and only 7.5 percent are in September.

This is interesting information when you think about it. The story also goes on to say that January, February and March are the months of the year when Canadians are most likely to inquire about or shop online for life insurance quotes.

What are people waiting for? Studies also show that some reasons for this could be that the person inquiring about the life insurance has recently found out about the death or serious illness of a loved one. This leads them to then think about their own life and situation and will shift their concerns to their own life insurance needs.

Why should you wait when Canadian life insurance can be purchased all year round? Why shop for your online life insurance quotes at the same time that so many other people will be doing the same? You can purchase life insurance policies all year round so there is no better time than right now to get started looking for a quote.

Since you can now look for your Canadian life insurance quote online, it’s easier than ever to get quotes, compare rates and service and get the life insurance you need today. Don’t risk waiting until it is too late. You can also consider term life insurance, a two in one policy and more to fit your needs better.

Remember to get informed, shop around and choose the best option for you. Life insurance will help you feel secure, even during the deadliest months in Canada.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Life Insurance Calculator

Many people considering life insurance don’t know as much about it as they should. Do you know how much life insurance you really need? A life insurance calculator can help you determine this. Take the time to do the research and determine what you will need.

What type of information might you need to enter into a life insurance calculator? Consider these points:

The cost of your funeral arrangements
Total amount of your outstanding debts
Estimate of the college and education expenses of your child(ren)
How much income your family needs per month if you pass away
For how many years your family will need to rely on this income
The total value of your net worth (savings, stocks and bonds, retirement funds, etc)
Total value of any existing life insurance plans
Estimated inflation rate
After-tax investment yield

The life insurance calculator will calculate these totals once you fill in the blanks. You can then have a better understanding of how much life insurance you need while you are shopping for quotes or re-evaluating your current policy.

These points should all be taken into consideration when using the life insurance calculator to help you determine how much your expenses will likely be and how much life insurance you need. Get informed and be prepared so you don’t leave your family stranded in their time of need.

If you use a life insurance calculator to evaluate your life insurance needs, it’s also important that you update it at least once a year. Re-evaluate your situation and also update the inflation rate and other factors that may change so that you will always have the most updated information possible. When you do this, you can ensure you have the best policy for your needs at all times.